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In a custody case, the court may award a parent physical and/or legal custody over their minor child. I can help you understand how the court makes these decisions and provide guidance to ensure you get the rights you deserve.

Michael Cochran Law Offices provides services for:

– Child Custody

– Child Support 

– Visitation

Child Custody

I will help you file a custody case or respond to one that’s been filed. There are several stages to this process and it’s important you have an experienced lawyer to assist you with every step. I am a confident negotiator, who fosters fair agreements between parents, significantly reducing litigation time and the associated costs.

Child Support

Based on calculations derived from statutory guidelines, child support awards consider the total number of overnights with the minor children per year, income, and expenses. These expenses include daycare/childcare and related transportation costs, health care premiums, extraordinary medical expenses, and alimony/child support currently paid/received for other former spouses and other children. I will make sure that the other parent is not taking advantage of this process, and that you are paying what is fair and reasonable.


Visitation is the schedule for shared time between a child and their non-custodial parent (the parent who doesn’t live with the child a majority of the time). Maryland courts strive to make custody and visitation decisions that are in the “best interests of the child.”

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